Monday, February 14, 2011

Planting Hard Red Wheat

We have begun planting hard red wheat. This is much earlier than we were able to plant last year. We have had a long window of dry weather which allowed us to work the soil and get quite a bit done. I planted about 23 acres of red wheat last Saturday. The fields had flax on them last year. We will spray them with compost tea as soon as we have another dry spell. Hopefully that will be in a week or so.

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  1. Good for you Clinton. I'm delighted to see you moving to Organic Hard Red Wheat. That's just what we need in the Valley. I'm a volunteer for Seven Years of Plenty a 501 (c)3 type organization dedicated to feeding the hungry and rooting out the causes of poverty. Bringing good organic grains to the Valley in significant amounts is very important I believe. We are trying 3 acres of various types of hard red and hard white wheat. We are looking at what varieties will work best on the North end of the Valley. We are a little behind you, in planting, as we get ready the first year after several years of fallow on this ground. I will follow your blog with interest! Bruce Mock