Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rain, rain, rain... and other spring notes.

So it looks as though the rain won't give us a window to get some work done anytime soon. The spring work is piling up. I have lots of acres to plant and lots of compost tea to spray, and the forecast does not look good. I tried looking at a field yesterday and got stuck in mud on the road on the way in! I wasn't even close to the field. Not a good sign. On a positive note, the peas and wheat seem to be coming along fairly well. The flax I planted last fall is looking buried by ryegrass. Fall planted flax may not work out so well in fields that have had grass in them. We still plan to plant 40 more acres of flax this year. OSU has asked us to try a new variety this year. They are interested in getting yield data and want to be here for planting and harvest.