Sunday, May 9, 2010

Planting sunflowers

Yesterday I planted 1 acre of mammoth grey stripe sunflowers. The area I planted is right by a few of the houses on the farm. They should look great once they start getting tall. I planted about 20-25 pounds of seed in rows about 2 feet apart. I used a small push-planter that my friend Jason Bradford lent me. It can hold about a pound of seed. It drops the seed in a row at around one seed every inch, and about half an inch deep. Once they get about a foot tall I will start to thin them out. If we don't thin them they will compete with each other pretty heavily. This variety can get up to around 10-12 feet tall! The heads are tremendous and should yield lots of seed. We have been told by several people that birds will be a huge problem, so we plan to put up a large amount of netting to keep them off. I'll keep posting photos of the sunflowers as they grow. The photo I'm posting here of the sunflower is what they look like once fully grown. The other photos are of the planter I used and the field I planted in.

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